Choreography/performance: Tomas Danielis
Music: Lubomir Panak - Drakh
Poetry: Zuzana Husarova
Lights: Milan Slama / Tomas Danielis
Visual environment: Tomas Danielis
Premier: 24.10.2021, White Nights - Kosice
Total Length: 48’

Mainly Love

Mainly Love is deeply moving intermedia metaperformance. On the documentary base it talks not just about the position of women, but its cultural context and subsequent aggressiveness. Being poetic while bringing humour in unexpected moments, sensitively questions gender dynamics, its stereotypes and stripping them as masks for choices and traditions.

Radical Empathy in their production goes beyond the surface and representation of sexuality or violence. They present an individual within moments of his inner workings, investigating the relation of power to
sexuality and its consequences.

Mainly Love is a second from a series of performances about the mechanics of power. Since 2016 Danielis focuses on creating pieces as sociological probes of contemporary society.

"We are not in search of sources, or origins, but of structures of signification: underneath each picture, there is always another picture."Douglas Crimp